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Мы мониторим десятки источников — профильные зарубежные крипто-СМИ, издания из СНГ, а также местную прессу — и ежедневно публикуем актуальные новости криптовалютной индустрии. Мы отбираем только инфоповоды, связанные с внедрением и регулированием блокчейн и криптотехнологий. Нас не интересует курс биткоина — нас интересует принцип, по которому работает эта сеть.

Мы уверены, что крипто — это в первую очередь набор фундаментальных, революционных технологий, а только потом — валюты и средство накопления стоимости. Технология децентрализованных, распределенных реестров, формирующих те самые цепочки блоков уже сегодня способна облегчить жизнь интернет-пользователей и рядовых граждан. Мы не вникаем в причины, по которым меняется курс биткоина, но новости, связанные с внедрением технологии блокчейн и регулированием отрасли — всегда оказываются у нас на сайте.

К каждой новости мы прикрепляем источник. Будь то зарубежное профильное СМИ, российский аналог или казахстанская госурадственная пресса с высказываниями о криптовалюте.

BlockShow attracts crypto donations for the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris 
Blockchain Blockchain event announced the beginning of a fundraiser to finance the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. The Blockshow team posted on Twitter two donation addresses for Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as a link to Foundations Du Patrimoine, which accepts fiat funds. Other non-profit international organizations attract funds for the same purpose. Including GoFundMe and La Fondation Avenir du Patrimoine à Paris. According to his information, they have already managed to attract several hundred million dollars with the support of the richest citizens of France, including the family Bettancourt-Myers, Bernard Arnaud and Francois Pinot. On April 15, 2019, the cathedral, which is one of the of the ...
1st International Conference — Blockchain Regulation: Opportunities & Risks
Weintegrate Kazakhstan into the world’s blockchain ecosystem!In Astana on June 7-8, the largest international conferencewill be held under the title «Blocking regulation: opportunities and risks».The conference will discuss the future of blockchain, cryptocurrency and theuse of technology in education and science.Leading speakers will express opinions on topics. DeputyPrime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Zhumagaliyev will be thefirst to speak about the blockchain.Expectations:10 international cosultants50 companies10 universitites300 participansMaster classesRound tables ...
In Kazakhstan proposed the concept of market regulation of the cryptocurrency
Internationalfinancial centre “Astana” (AIFC) in whose territory a special legal regime hasdeveloped and approved the Concept of market regulation of virtual currenciesand private placement securities. About this informed the head of theinterdepartmental group on risk assessment of turnover of cryptocurrency inRussia Elina Sidorenko in his Telegram-channel “Kriptonika”.The document aims to regulate the relations arising from thehandling and storage of virtual currencies via operators specialized tradingplatforms.Also the document gives definitions of key terms used in theprocess of production, storage and handling virtual currencies. In particular,it introduces the notion of a “smart contract”, a section ...
Astana will discuss regulatory issues of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies
On June 7-8 Astana will host the first internationalconference “Blockchain regulation: opportunitiesand risks”. Event will be held on the territory of EXPO, with theparticipation of the government of Kazakhstan, professional associations andmajor international companies. The conference will be opened by a key figure inthe field of digitalization of Kazakhstan – Deputy Prime Minister of KazakhstanAskar Zhumagaliyev.On May 17, At the Astana forum “Global Challenges Summit2018”, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to develop commoninternational rules for the use and regulation of cryptocurrencies.“Most countries are actively studying the possibility oftheir adaptation to the current of At ...